Building Your Business Model – Targeting Your Market
Your business model and your strategy, while they are two separate concepts, are also inextricably linked. Your business model becomes a part of your strategy, along with your tactics. And, you cannot think about your business model without considering what your strategy will be, and what tactics you use. And, of course, your tactics are…

Using Free Surveys to Generate New Fees and Clients
Effective client preliminary surveys can help you improve client loyalty and increase average revenue per client. Making surveys a regular part of your marketing strategy will help you build an avalanche of new clients seeking your services.     An effectively structured preliminary survey will allow you to: identify cross-selling and consolidation opportunities, identify clients… (0 comment)

How To Get More Out Of Your Content And Marketing Offers
This post was drawn from the Inbound Marketing Blog, and a post written by Brooke Hazelgrove at Recycling is great – good for the environment, and good for producing a lot of content in a short period of time. Creating and maintaining content for marketing your business online can be a lot of work.… (0 comment)