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I have been looking at a website for a company called “Abine.”

Abine has developed some tools that they pitch as offering personal security on the internet. One of their tools is a single use credit card called “DoNotTrackMe.” It is essentially a one time use credit card that is printed out on paper. It has a false name, their address and a unique card number that will only work once, for the amount you authorize.

I’m wondering how it would work at Walmart.

I mean, if I go in there and try to buy my groceries (I don’t buy much else there), what will the cashier or the customer service manager say when I present a printout of a credit card. I’m pretty sure their system is set up to only work if the cashier sees a piece of cut out plastic in your hand.

However, with the big data breach at Target still echoing around the interweb, it seems like a good idea, and may be a topic for one of those small educational seminars that you can use to position yourself as a thought leader in your community.

If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about, it’s one of the “First String” activities in Relational Marketing, as taught in the Instant Practice Builder Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course, somewhere around the session on Key Activities, I think. (I wrote the dad-blame course, and there are so many new concepts in it, even I have trouble remembering what session all of the individual subjects are in!)

Anyhoo … this is the type of thing that retailers are going to be running into, and it is the type of thing where you can position yourself as a thought leader in your market. Keeping yourself abreast of things that are not ‘exactly’ in your field, the tax law and accounting principles stuff that you are required to keep up on, is where you can differentiate your practice and where you can achieve a competitive advantage. (I do know that the topics of Competitive Strength and Competitive Advantage are covered somewhere around Session 139 to 145, so “Ha!”)

Holding regular seminars on breakthrough topics for a select group of clients is a great way to build rapport, and keep your recency score high in your client LSRP scoring (yeah, it’s in the course), and generate new leads. Allowing the clients you invite to the seminar to bring a friend gives you the opportunity to build your prospect list along with word-of-mouth.

If you’d like to find out more about the Instant Practice Builder Rainmaker Marketing Protégé Course, click here.


Kirk Ward


Kirk is a retired accountant, who built and sold four successful practices in four different cites across the Southeastern United States. He also spent a decade and a half traveling fifty weeks a year as an Asset Based Loan Auditor/Field Examiner. He has taken it as a mission is life to help promising small and startup practitioners grow their businesses and prosper. Find out more ... (here)