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Write For Us

Would you like to write for us and become recognized as an expert published author? Or maybe publish an article publicizing your product or services? Are you a professional blogger or writer. The Instant Practice Builder accepts both free information and non-promotional blog posts, as well as paid promotional blog posts.

Here are a dozen valid reasons to contribute to the Instant Practice Builder

  1. You don’t have to setup and manage your own blog. Just send us your non-promotional article, and when it is approved, we’ll publish it for you.
  2. This blog has a wide audience which gives it considerable amounts of exposure. Writing for the Instant Practice Builder means having several thousand readers who already subscribe to our blog or visit the site regularly.
  3. You write the article, we’ll take care of promoting it.
  4. Besides the feedback from our readers, just send us an email and we’ll inform you about the statistics of your article. Things like number of views, time spent on page and where they came from.
  5. Granted you license your article to us for use on this site, and other possible related initiatives started by this blog (e.g., a book), but you will continue to receive credit in the post as long as the article remains on the site.
  6. You don’t have to go crazy trying to render nice looking HTML, as we take care of formatting for you.
  7. Every article can have a short biography, a link to your site or blog and even a photo. Each article that you write will be published under your own name or nickname (if you prefer).
  8. Regular authors (basically anyone who publishes an article once in a while) can have their own “about page” here on the Instant Practice Builder.
  9. If your first language is not English, but your English abilities are at a very good level, we’ll even polish your article (within reason) for you, so that you can have your piece published in “Americanized” English.
  10. If you are an accounting professional, we will mention your complete business address, Contact details, Website address and your Services in brief (should not exceed 50 Words) in our portfolio. Your exposure will be unlimited.

Here are some examples of the type of information that we are looking for:

  • Articles on how to market an accounting practice online. How to build websites, what kind of content to place on the site, and how to optimize the site for search engine optimization.
  • We’d like to get articles on how to market professional services. This could include things like how to network with professionals in their community, how to do direct mail, or how to make unsolicited cold calls in businesses in their community.
  • You could write about social media marketing. Using resources like LinkedIn (a favorite), Facebook, Google +1, or HubSpot. You could tell them how to set up Facebook Fan pages and how to create viral marekting programs with YouTube. Stuff like that would be very popular.
  • Articles on “Rainmaker” style marketing would be especially welcome. (That’s a major focus here on Instant Practice Builder.) Articles about how to give webinars and seminars, and how to use them to build prospect lists and generate income would fit with this. Articles and posts about how to write articles are acceptable. (Even something as simple as how to turn a client question into a special report or article would be good.) Articles about how to give speeches, how to do press releases, or even articles about teaching small business management courses and running a small business management academy.
  • Technical articles are welcome, but how to prepare income taxes is not a major focus here. Our readers are usually already running their own bookkeeping, accounting or tax practice, so we presume they know what they’re doing there. What they’re looking for when they come here is information on how to market their services. That being said, enhancing the quality of heir work is part of Rainmaker marketing, so anything you can provide that will help accounting and tax professionals enhance the quality of their service would be welcome.
  • Articles on how to differentiate their practice can help. Articles about how to select or specialize in an industry or niche, or articles about how to select and market a practice specialty, such as loan packaging, doing cost segregation studies, or specialized things like that are welcome. Very welcome.

Okay, by now you are saying ‘Cool, how do I get started?’

Submit Your Blog Post

You can submit your blog post by clicking on one of the links below. Your post will be placed in the queue for review, and when approved, for publication.If you want to keep up with what other folks are posting here, visit our blog and comment on any blog post, being sure to click in the checkbox that says “Notify me of new posts by email.”

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